Testimonials from surgeons/hospitals/surgical centers already using the system.

"I found NoteMatic™ to be remarkably easy to use. Within a very short time, I had most of my procedures created as templates and it now only takes a few moments to get an accurate, illustrated report that’s ready to send to the billing department and file in the patient’s chart."

"Trying to find time to review and sign my operative reports is no longer an issue. Within a few minutes, the NoteMatic™report is printed and on its way to the billing department and I can focus on my next patient."

"To never having to dictate again! NoteMatic™ is much easier and faster to use, and I get a more comprehensive, accurate report."

"My office revenues increased significantly since I’ve begun using NoteMatic™. I know all my billable procedures are recorded, and it has dramatically improved the return rate from the insurance companies."

"The op reports I create with NoteMatic™ are the most complete I’ve ever seen. I really like being able to incorporate images directly into the report. It shows my patients - and the insurance companies - exactly what the injury entailed and what I did to repair it."

"With NoteMatic™, all my reports are at my fingertips whenever I need them. I no longer have to wait for my staff to pull a report from storage when I need to refer to an old case."


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